How do I change my nickname?
How do I register my nickname?
How do I register my own channel?

For further help, please visit the channel #Help or contact the team members.

How do I change my nickname?
You can change your nickname with the command /nick nickname.
e.g. /nick My_nickname

How do I register my nickname?
To register your nickname type the following: /msg NickServ register password e-mail
e.g. /msg NickServ register My_secret_password alias@domain.tld

Follow the instructions

After successful registration you have to identify yourself every time you enter IRC: /msg NickServ identify password
e.g. /msg NickServ identify My_secret_password

yTo register a channel you need a registered nickname and you have to be in the desired channel.

You enter and create a channel with /join Channelname where the name always starts with a #.
e.g. /join #Help

If the channel is not yet assigned you get operator status and can register it with /msg ChanServ register Channel Password Channel Description
e.g. /msg ChanServ register #IRC-Channel Secret_Channel_Password The own IRC Channel here at swissIRC